Day 49 - Chasing the Aurora

I remember the first time I saw the Aurora Borealis.  I was about 16 years old, I was with my high school sweetheart, and seeing the Northern Lights for the first time took my breath away.  The sky was dancing with electric colour.  Ever since then I've always found the Aurora Borealis enchanting.  Most recently we have been enduring a long, very cold winter.  The best part about it is the crisp clear skies, which present some great opportunities for picture taking.  My recent explorations in photography have completely shifted at how I look at Winter. I'm spending my days wishing I could be outside in the cold with my Husky & my camera when everyone else wants to stay inside. In mid-January I spent a night driving around the Alberta countryside (in the beginner Neil Zeller Photography workshop) chasing the Northern Lights. Only something so beautiful could keep me outside for hours in -20 temperatures.  These photos are from my very first night chasing the Aurora. 


Cynthia RamdialComment