The 100 Days Project

I am an avid listener of podcasts. One of my favourite podcasts called "The Good Life Project"  recently featured the author/artist/illustrator Cynthia Morris.  She is known for her art journal work which often takes place in Japanese fold, Moleskine Sketchbooks. 

After listening to the podcast I was reminded of the many accordion folded notebooks I had filled during my art school days. I was also overwhelmed with the urge to draw. 

I did a little research on Cynthia Morris and she just launched an art challenge on YouTube. It is called the 100 Days Project. Inspired by her I've decided to launch my own 100 Days project.  I am excited to see where this project leads me. Let the journey begin.


Counting down from 100. This is day 100

Counting down from 100. This is day 100